Songkran is a Thai traditional New Year which starts on April 13

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Songkran is a Thai traditional New Year which starts on April 13 every year and lasts for 3 days. Songkran festival on April 13 is Maha Songkran Day more..>


Alpine Golf Chiang Mai

Alpine Golf resort Chiang Mai comprises some 450 rai of land that nestles in a valley between the mountain ranges in the heart of the San Kampaeng natural forests. It is undoubtedly one of the golf courses in Chiang Mai that boast of the best in natural beauty. The design of the course, by world-famous golf course designer Mr Ron M Garl, was inspired by the magnificent hills in its horizon. No matter where you are on the course, you are enjoy nature at her best: exquisite lush green from the nearby forests – which comprise a rich assembly of trees such as the golden teakwood, the Dipterocarpus Alatus and many more other species.

AlpinIn planning this new golf course, we have maintained a clear "Alpine" philosophy all the way – which translates to the quality of our products and the professional standards of our services. A visit to The Alpine Golf Resort promises an unforgettable experience. First, the course is complete with a full range of facilities including a 4-star resort so that you can bring your family members for a well-deserved breakaway.

AlpinThen, the 18-hole course is designed along championship standards to challenge the serious player, although indeed anyone who enjoys golfing in the fresh country air, close to nature, would find it equally pleasant. Last but not least is the opportunity to enjoy good food and the pleasure of a spa indulgence after your round of golf – and all this in the spectacular ambience of the hills of Chiang Mai.

Hole1 : Par4 - Handicap15

AlpinThis opening par4 doglegs slightly to the left. The fairway is wide enough that the large bunker to the right should not come into play.

The only trouble on the tee shot is for the very long hitter that may hit through the fairway on the right side. The second shot will be a medium iron to a large green with bunker front left and chipping area to the right. Par is a good score on this hole.

Hole2 : Par4 - Handicap5

AlpinThis short par4 looks very narrow from the tee. The safe play would be a fairway wood off the tee. The bold play would be a driver along the tree line down the left half of the fairway.

That would leave not more than a short iron to the green and a good chance at the first birdie of the day.


Hole3 : Par3 - Handicap13

AlpinThe contours of this green makes the hole very interesting. The left half of the green is bowl shaped and sloping back to front. With the hole in this portion of the green, the player has to worry about is keeping his tee shot below the hole. Anything past the hole will leave a fast downhill putt. With the hole in the high right half, the player will have to contend with the front right bunker that has to be carried. The safe play would be to the left but that will leave a putt up and over a slope with three putting a real possibility.

Hole4 : Par5 - Handicap11

AlpinThis is the longest par5 on the course and maybe the longest in Thailand. The key to this hole is the tee shot that has to negotiate trees on the right and out of bounds on the left.

The second shot the player is faced with a decision whether to play short, left, right or try to carry the lone bunker in the middle of the fairway. The player that successfully carries that bunker will be left with less than 100 yards to the bunkerless green. The only thing to be careful of on the approach is to not go into the creek that awaits shots over the green.

Hole5 : Par4 - Handicap7

AlpinThis is first of two long par4 holes. On the tee the player is faced with another intimidating tee shot with trees along both sides of the fairway. A good tee shot will still leave a long shot into the green framed by a bunker long left and mountain range in the distance.

The green slopes with the hillside from back left to front right. A good approach shot should land on the front left of the green then taking the slope and roll toward the middle of this small sloping green.

Hole6 : Par4 - Handicap9

AlpinThe second long par4 in a row; but with wider fairway, the tee shot of this hole is not as demanding as on previous two holes. The best line is down the right half of the fairway that leaves an opening to the green. Tee shot to the left will leave an approach over the front left greenside bunker.

With the approach shot on the green, all putts should be relatively straight on this flattish green.

Hole7 : Par5 - Handicap9

Alpin It’s a good idea to pay respect to the spirit house near the tee of this par5 before taking on this hole. The stream that runs along side and across this hole from green to tee makes for one of the most challenging holes on the course.

First the tee shot must avoid the sharp drop off to the stream to the left. Having hit a good tee shot the player will be faced with a second that must carry the same stream. But the narrow neck with water on the right about 100 yards short of the green will make him think twice. The safe play would be to lay back short of the neck and have a longer shot to the green. The bold play would be taking on the neck and then have just a short pitch. The boldest play is to attempt to carry the whole length of the water and going for the green in two.

This exciting hole gives the player a chance at making any score from an eagle to a triple bogey.

Hole8 : Par3 - Handicap17

AlpinThis short par3 gives the player a rest after a series of difficult holes. Most players will play a middle to short iron to a relatively benign green. The only real trouble is to the overly aggressive player with pond immediately back of the small green.

This hole is a chance for players to make a good score before tackling the difficult 9th.

Hole9 : Par4 - Handicap1

AlpinThe island fairway hole is both beautiful and difficult. Playing over water twice and almost directly into the prevailing wind makes this hole a challenging ending to the front nine.

The tee shot is all important on this long par4. The best line is down the right half of the fairway. This requires the longest carry over the water but if successfully done, it also leaves the shortest shot with the best angle to the green. Tee shot to the middle or left half of the fairway leaves a longer second over water and bunker to a medium size green.

Just like hole#1, par is a very good score for this hole.

Hole10 : Par4 - Handicap18

AlpinThe tenth is the shortest par4 on the golf course and a chance for the player to relax a bit after the difficult 9th.

Again the player has a choice of how to play the hole. The percentage play would be a fairway wood or long iron off the tee. This will ensure the player of staying short of the small creek that juts in on the left edge of the fairway about 80 yards short of the green. The bold play is to hit driver and skirting the creek. The will leave a very short pitch to the small plateau green.

The place not to be is in the bunker left of the green. It is one of the deepest on the golf course.

Hole11 : Par4 - Handicap2

AlpinThis par4 is without doubt the most difficult on the golf course. Doglegging left with water down the entire left side, this hole plays almost like a par5.

Having hit a good tee shot down the left side of the fairway, most will still be left with a long iron or fairway wood. The only reprieve of the hole is that the green sits on the same level as fairway and is open in the front making it possible to roll the ball on to the relatively flat putting surface.

Hole12 : Par3 - Handicap16

AlpinThis par3 over water has a beautiful mountain backdrop. The green is guarded by two deep front left bunkers.

The best tee shot is a slight draw to the right front of the green and using the right to left slope to feed the ball to the hole.



Hole13 : Par4 - Handicap14

AlpinThis relatively straight away par4 does not appear have much teeth. Once the tee shot is placed in the fairway and the second shot on the green, the difficulty begins.

The multi-level green is on of the most difficult to read on the whole course.



Hole14 : Par5 - Handicap4

AlpinThe water and bunkers makes this tee shot looks intimidating; but in fact, this is one of the widest fairways on the golf course. The best line for the tee shot is down the left side. For the long hitters it’s over the left bunker. This will open up a chance to go for the green in two.

The thing to be careful of on the second shot is the water right. A slightly pushed or sliced shot will be blown by the prevailing wind into the big lake. A safe play is to stay well left and short of the left bunker 50 yards short of the green. This will leave a short pitch to the green for a sure par and maybe even a birdie.

Hole15 : Par3 - Handicap10

AlpinThe island green is the most intimidating looking hole on the course. While only a short iron for most, the sight of the green surrounded by water makes most players tremble. But remember that while the island may look very small, it is nearly 50yards wide which is a large target for a shot of this length.

The best play is no matter where the flag is, aim for the middle of the green, make par and be very happy.

Hole16 : Par4 - Handicap12

AlpinTake a moment at this tee and enjoy the view of the lake and mountain before taking on this very intimidating tee shot. With the large lake all the way along the right and a seemingly tiny fairway that curls around the other side of the bank, it’s seems like there’s almost no place to hit the tee shot. The player must know his limitations on how far he can carry his tee shot. The more lake he can cut off, the shorter his second will be.

The green is one of the largest on the course. And with the prevailing wind behind the player, this hole is not as difficult as it looks.

Hole17 : Par4 - Handicap6

AlpinThe most important shot of this medium length par4 is the tee shot. The best line is right along the right edge of the left bunker. This will leave a short iron from a flat lie to the green. Tee shot to the right will leave a slightly longer shot with a difficult uneven stance.

It’s a good idea to aim a bit left and away from the water on the approach shot and let the slope left kick the ball right on to the green.

Hole18 : Par5 - Handicap8

AlpinAlthough there’s water along the right side of the hole, it should not come into play on the tee shot. Most players will stay short of the bunker right and lake after their drive. The really long hitters can take advantage of the prevailing wing and carry the ball up the slope even or past the right bunker. From there there’s a possibility to get to the green with the next shot.

Most will play their second short of the green. The best angle to leave the second shot is left half of the fairway. Anything right of the fairway will have to contend with the front right greenside bunker and trees on the next shot.

The back portion of the green slopes away from the player. But the relatively large green makes a par or birdie finish within reach of most players' ability.

Alpine Golf resort Chiang Mai

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